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West Australian Constituents (voters) on the electoral roll.......are welcome and invited to membership in our exciting political party! Midler - The Rose-[www_flv2mp3_com].mp3|Bette Midler - The Rose-[www_flv2mp3_com]

Membership with WestAusParty is FREE. Donations welcome.


Membership is active for 3 years from joining, under our constitution, followed up with a simple membership renewal process required.


Special Membership Invitation to Teachers (past and present), Educators, and other Professionals. 


Join at our meetings, email, phone, or print off a membership form.



PO Box 223, Hamilton Hill, WA, 6963

(we prefer you join at our meetings, we want to meet you!)


We are seeking quality men and women on the electoral roll to join with us and voice your views and concerns regarding our nation.


Free Membership


N.B - Many people have said they will vote for us, however, we need in excess of 500 members to register with the WAEC and AEC, otherwise you will not be able to vote for us in elections! If you are already on the electoral roll, it's only a further small step to join and empower yourself as a member to have an ongoing say in our party regarding our nation. We know you are not used to having a political voice; 95% of Australians are not a member of a political party, yet all decisions made by politicians have an enormous impact on your life, your family's life, so we really encourage you to join us, for yourself, your family, your friends.