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Our Vision and Values promote democratic freedom representative of constituents and serve as a general guide to the development of empowerment and talents in building a great nation:


 1. The most important political voice in our nation is the voice of Australian constituents (voters). Every member has ongoing opportunities to have your say. 

2. Freedom of Speech and Expression, and the development of decisions and voting based on conscience for the good of the majority of citizens in our society.

3. Effective Change Management of the Australian National Curriculum, restoring the rights, authority and status of teachers, and development of the best education system in the world for the Australian Nation.

4. Development of Australian business, industries, products, and services in the building of a large, powerful domestic economy - Australian Owned and Made.

5. Social justice for the oppressed and disabled - employment opportunities and incentives for those less fortunate in our society. Protection for the elderly, compassion for the homeless.

6. Recognition of Aboriginal People as the First Australians, and commitment to the development of educational and employment opportunities. Educational scholarships for primary, secondary, and tertiary education.

7. Engaging effective micro and macro economic strategies to reduce the cost of living.

8. Australian jobs first for Australian business and industries.

9. Protection of the Sovereignty and Independence of the Australian Nation, and putting Australia first in every international decision.

10. Engagement in Taxation Reform through the Australian Banking System.

11. Fresh Food and fresh water security, and environmentally beneficial practices for Australian society - development of solar energy, and other efficient cost effective energy sources. Safe food labelling laws.

12. Ongoing commitment to stop corruption in our federal and state parliaments, and local councils.

13. Recognition of Australia's Christian heritage and values.


Great leadership empowers others, develops gifts and talents, inspires and encourages the entire team towards a common vision of great worth, meaning, and value (Teresa van Lieshout, 2011).


         If you say it, others will hear it        If you share it, others can feel it        If you care, others will care       If you contribute, we can work together


You are invited and welcome to exercise your Voice in regards to any issues of interest to you. If you do not agree with any or several points listed, you will still find a place in the West Australian Party. Our endorsed candidates and political representatives will be free to articulate on all issues of interest to them, our members, and constituents in their electorate. This is the beauty of freedom of speech in living in a democracy!